Learn how to be wealthy and rich. If you do not start then it can not happen. The toughest part is getting started.

Each reader should feel as if they are having a private session. All the mystery and secrecy that surrounds banking, investing and many systems designed to take their money (such as with Banks, Brokerage Houses, Investment firms or regular companies) will be brought into the light and explained in an everyday manner, using everyday examples in which a person without a college degree in finance or business can understand.

The use of humor and sarcasm will hopefully make you laugh at yourself (or at least someone you know). All examples are explained in real world situations that the reader can look into their own lives to see these same situations all around them and then hopefully they will see things in a different light. It’s all about perception. If you believe the glass is half empty you conserve, if you believe it is half full you aggressively try to fill it up.

Investing, saving and eliminating monetary waste will be so simple and easy once the confusion and illusions are expelled. Convincing the reader that they can change the process, or at least to avoid the processes that perpetuate their downfall is the primary goal. Knowing is half the battle. It’s hard to actively avoid or prepare for something that exists, if you don’t know it’s there. This book will give the reader the “Power of I” in their finances, I can, I will and I must, while giving them insight to the dark side of systems designed to entrap them into unwittingly giving up more of their hard earned cash.

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Money, Knowledge and Power - Why You are Missing All Three

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